Leather iPhone Case

Blending luxurious quality with meticulous attention-to-detail, this case reflects the design principles of Apple’s flagship device itself. We’ve designed our leather iPhone 7 case to be contemporary and still remarkably simple. Each case is individually handmade from Italian full-grain vegetable tanned leather that is wrapped over a shock absorbing polycarbonate frame with a soft microfiber lining and folded edges for added durability. It calmly hints craftsmanship through the sleek lines, understated appearance, and noticeable quality of the materials. This leather case is truly designed to distinguish.


Our iPhone leather case represents a blending of today’s technology with the dedication and skill of old world artisans from a 150 year old Italian leather tannery. After visiting countless vegetable tanneries across the world, we knew exactly what we wanted. Full grain vegetable-tanned leather that was is still produced following the traditional methods. Turning raw hides into durable luxurious leather takes time, patience, and the skillful combination of technology and experience. The rich colors of our leather will only be enhanced over time in both feel and appearance. Our leather is completely natural and the variations in shade, grain, and texture add to its charm. The leather breaks in with use and acquires a beautiful patina and polish over time.Each piece takes on a new character and is completely unique. 

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This durable leather case boasts an ergonomic design that ensures quality and convenience. Openings of the case expose the volume rockers and lighting connector; enabling users to listen to their favorite music and charge their iPhone 7 while the device is protected. The smooth micro-lined surface interior featuring a sophisticated soft touch and a satin-like finish ensure plush padding and comfort for your iPhone 7.  Designed to the millimeter, it fits your phone perfectly. Meticulous in its construction, this case delivers the optimum fit – complete with our signature embossed logo.


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We chose to select only full grain leather as it is the highest quality of leather you can purchase. It refers to the topmost layer of the skin, directly beneath the hair. The tightness of the grain renders the leather moisture-resistant and extremely durable. This is the only type of leather that develops a true patina. The majority of leather goods—luxury ones included—are mass-produced and processed with chemicals. The natural grains and markings whose differences reveal the quality of the leather are now often shaved down and sanded. What the consumer sees is an embossed pattern or a refinished surface. The highest-quality leathers possess a beautiful patina and earthy fragrance. Most iPhone case manufactures use a low-quality leather known as bonded leather, but can still call it genuine leather: It is made up of leather scraps are reconstituted to form a seamless piece of leather material that is less durable than even fabric. Choose your leather carefully, however, and you have a true heritage item to enjoy.


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