HYBRID Power Case

The HYBRID Power Case provides 250% more battery power (5000mAh charge capacity) and additional protection. Enjoy increased talk time up to 47 hours, Internet use up to 35 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback. This case supports Lightning accessories, such as the Lightning to USB Cable and is compatible with Apple Airpod Bluetooth headphones or any other wireless connected headphone accessories.




The iPhone is an amazing piece of hardware, but it is marred by several drawbacks. Most people still need to charge it twice a day with normal usage, and it is rather uncomfortable in the hand even slippery sometimes. The HYBRID Power Case intelligently protects your iPhone and enhances your phones functionality. The protective and powerful design delivers more than 250% extra battery power instantly with the push of a button. All of this means you will have more time to talk, chat, and run your favorite Apps. Your iPhone truly never lasted longer or felt better.

Achieving a beautiful ergonomic design was a key factor in designing the HYBRID Power Case. We designed cut-outs for the iPhone's camera, flash, side switch, side buttons, and headphone port. No ports or sensors are covered or blocked, making it a true extension to your iPhone. Every corner, seam, and opening has been refined into a smooth continuous form. We completely wrapped the HYBRID Power Case with a soft touch metallic rubber composite to increase comfort and provide an improved grip. Inside the case a soft microfiber lining hugs and protects your iPhone. We are proud to say that the HYBRID Power Case truly feels amazing in your hand even while holding your iPhone for long periods of time.

Hybrid Power Case_Apple_iPhone

We understand that sometimes you want to have a handsfree Skype call or even enjoy a movie.  With this in mind we added in a kickstand to the back of the HYBRID Power Case that will allow you to enjoy more of your favorite content on your iPhone handsfree. 

iPhone battery case_apple_power case

With QUICK CHARGE TECHNOLOGY. You can fully charge your iPhone in under two hours and the device also allows you to use your existing Apple Lightning cable to charge and sync the HYBRID Power Case. The days of losing, searching and packing extra charging dongles and cables are long gone! This truly is the ideal case to keep you charged through the day and well into the night. We all know all too well that the day doesn't end when you leave the office.


“Tons of extra battery power. Feels expensive like a nice watch.”

William H. // Seattle, Washington

Very impressed. Great design. I highly recommend this case if you are a power hungry user.

Logan W. // Mckinny, Texas

I must say it feels great in the hand, especially when typing with both hands on the phone. I know it sounds a little nuts but the case really makes typing a joy.”

William H. // Portland, Oregon

DO NOT give this to your significant other. My wife stole mine and I had to buy another one.

Christian T.  // New York City, New York

"I actually haven’t charged my phone in months. I only charge the case and I’m good, and I get twice the battery life.

Lee N. // Boston, Massachusetts 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can actually go two days without having to charge my iPhone Plus now.”

Jason M. // Nashville, Tennessee

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