EVERYDAY Case iPhone

An intelligently designed, impressively thin, lightweight, crystal clear impact protection case that is perfect for your everyday adventures. Features an easy-access smart protection system to keep sand, dirt, dust, water and pocket lint out of the iPhone Lightning port. Surf trips to Huntington Beach. A Meeting in NYC. Camping trips in Yosemite.Protect and maintain the thin sleek shape of your iPhone with our EVERYDAY Case. *Lifetime Warranty

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An immense amount of time and consideration went into the design of the iPhone, making it a thing of beauty. By using a unique composite blend of transparent, and ultra efficient impact absorbing materials, we were able to make EVERYDAY Case ultra thin, lightweight and completely clear. The side bumpers are constructed from durable soft thermoplastic polyurethane protecting the iPhone's back, sides and critical corners. The back panel of the case is a clear 0.3mm thick semi-hard polycarbonate plate ensuring that the feel and grip of this case is just perfect.




Our durable and tear resistant simple smart protection cover system is highly effective at protecting your device from getting dust, dirt, grime, pocket lint and liquids inside your iPhone ports. No matter where the action leads you, the versatile EVERYDAY Case is up for the challenge. Every port, control and feature remains in play, so your iPhone works just the way you want it. Incredibly compact yet impressively tough, the EVERYDAY Case is built sleek to complement the clean lines of your iPhone.




The EVERYDAY iPhone case





" It is crystal clear. Would buy again in a heartbeat."

Jeremy W. // Manhatten Beach, CA



I kept my iPhone in my jeans pocket over the past year and it started getting more and more difficult to charge. Eventually I figured out that there was a BUNCH of lint stuck in the Lightning port, which I removed with a paper clip. This case protects my phone, and I won't have to deal with a poor charging connection anymore. Thank you!!"

Jason G. // Seattle, WA 



 I hated the thought of using a bulky case that completely covered the iPhone design. “

Greg S. // Madison, WI


"Bought this for my husband's iPhone. He likes phone cases that do not add a lot of bulk and this fits the bill quite nicely. He says the covers over the power and volume buttons are nice and easy to press as well (he does not like the cases where the covers over those buttons make them hard to push)."

Jessica B. // Atlanta, GA



" Stable and protective, and it doesn't slip out of your hand. It's slim, so it doesn't feel bulky in your pocket."

Darrell K. // Toronto, Canada



 My Lightning jack suffers from humidity and slight dampness being in my short pocket to the point that the jack kept thinking there was a charge cord attached. From now on, I am using this case to prevent that problem."

Jeff K.  // Baltimore, MD





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