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Emerald Bay Band®

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Our Emerald Bay Apple watch band is designed and manufactured with a style that thinks in decades not seasons. Made from minimally treated, full grain vegetable tanned leather combined with surgical grade stainless steel adaptors. A Meeting in NYC, camping trips in Yosemite, or just the standard grocery run this elegant and versatile strap has you covered every step of the way.  *For a limited time enjoy complementary U.S. delivery 

  • Individually Handcrafted & Stitched 
  • Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Custom Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Lugs & Buckle 
  • Compatible With All Apple Series 1, 2, & 3 Models
  • Lifetime Warranty




Just bought my third set as my wife and son stole mine :) You can't use AirPods again once you use them with the Sierra Active System. Awesome product.
Larry L. // St.Paul, MN

I feel so much better running with my AirPods now!!
Melissa S. // St.Louis, MO

Absolutely the best purchase I have made! Super comfortable, and I have not lost or dropped an AirPod since they arrived!!

Dennis C. // Chino, CA

I'm rating 5 stars. My Airpods now feel exactly like my bose ie2 (which are my favorite earbud). The strap also comes in handy as I hated having to always put the Airpods away or in my pockets when not in use.

Sean B. // Encinitas, CA

Game. Changer.
Let me start out this review by saying that I must have alien ears. I have never been able to understand how everyone is able to get airpods to stay in their ears without them immediately slipping out. I finally know what it's like to be one of crowd. I can now blend in with everyone else and no one knows about my alien ear mutation.

This for me is the best purchase I could have made for the airpods and if it wasn’t for this the airpods would have been returned to the store.

Abby A. // Indianapolis, IN

Work well.

Kieran S. // Charlston, SC

Comfortable, and actually makes the bass response a lot better!

Greg H. // San Diego, CA

Fantastic; everything functions precisely as designed, and therefore does not interfere with the functioning of the AirPods in any way.

Julia A. // Iowa City, Iowa

I dropped my AirPods case down a flight of cement stairs and it developed a small cosmetic crack, but the real pain was that it no longer would take a charge. Ughhh...I had to shell out another $70 for a replacement case. Needless to say I grabbed this system as soon as I saw it. Case looks great, AirPods stay in during the craziest crossfit sessions, and the strap is perfect for napping on long flights. No more AirPods falling out in-between the isles.

Mason R. // Naperville, IL

Amazing. Had the bluetooth Bose (the ones with the wire between them) and returned them as they were too heavy and kept falling out when running, even after trying different tips. These additions to the Airpods are great.

Jenn G. // Miami, FL