Apple Watch Leather Strap

Give your Apple Watch a bold new look. Each strap is precision cut and constructed from our crazy horse leather then is fitted with our custom designed stainless steel buckle and lugs. Our crazy horse leathers are made by applying special purpose waxes to a buffed grain surface. These waxes are melted and migrated under frictional heat. As a result when the leather surface is rubbed the color of the rubbed portion changes, which does not reverse immediately. This exhibits an antique effect. One of the first things we do with any new crazy horse item is we bend and fold the piece as much as possible. The oils and colors seem to burst from the hide making it to look like an old family heirloom. This leather watch strap will absorb the oils from your hands and this natural process will cause the leather to form a patina over time that will make the leather look even better.
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